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Direct Access Barristers

Family, Business, Chancery, Civil Litigation and Tax Law

  Direct Access Barristers

 London, South East, Reading & Worldwide

Main Areas of Practice

• All aspects of Family Law

• Divorce and Ancillary Relief

Probate and Inheritance Law

• All aspects of Civil Litigation

• All aspects of Tax Law

• Defending Tax Investigations

• Analysis of Financial Statements

• All aspects of Business Law

• Directors and insolvency

• Chancery Law (General)

Corporate Law

• Commercial Law

Money Laundering Law

• Trusts Law

• Trusts Accounts & Tax

• Professional Negligence

• Shariah Law

• Pakistan Law

Eastmans Chambers are Direct Access Barristers and regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England & Wales and specialise in the above Areas of Law.

Our head of Chambers Barrister M A Ajaz is a Direct Access Barrister and a member of the Honourable Society of the Lincoln’s Inn London. He is a member of The General Council of the Bar, the Chancery Bar Association and the Family Law Bar Association which are based in London. He is a member of the Punjab Bar Association Pakistan and has Rights of Audience in Lahore High Court Lahore Pakistan. He is a Direct Access Barrister and you do not need a solicitor or any other third party to instruct him on any matter. However, in some cases in order to protect the interests of clients a solicitor may be needed. He speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Basic Arabic.

He commenced his Professional Career in 1975 as a head of an Accountancy Firm in London which continued for more than 20 years. He was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales in 2001 and in February 2002 he was authorised by the Law Society of England & Wales to start his own law firm, Ajaz & Anderson Solicitors. He was admitted as a Solicitor Advocate by the Law Society of England & Wales in 2004 and since then has exercised Higher Rights of Audience in the Higher Courts of England & Wales.

He is frequently instructed by clients in London to resolve complex financial issues in the South East, Reading, other parts of England & Wales and by his clients living in other parts of the World.

Barrister Ajaz has exceptional analytical skills which have been recognised nationally and internationally. These analytical skills have assisted him to scrutinise the financial statements of all kinds of businesses including national and multinational corporations, medium and small sized companies, partnerships and all kinds of owner managed businesses for commercial litigation work, dispute resolution and Ancillary Relief proceedings.

He can present his client’s evidence before the Courts in a simple and easily understandable format. The Courts find his work relating to financial matters easy to follow and understand. He represents Claimants and Defendants in all types of Disputes in all Courts in England & Wales and other jurisdictions.

His accountancy, auditing and taxation experience makes it easier for him to understand whether profits, losses, assets, and liabilities have been understated or overstated for some wrongful purpose to achieve the desired results of a party. This usually occurs in financial settlements of divorce cases, minority shareholders disputes, professional negligence claims, commercial litigation and all kinds of national and international Loss Claims.

Barrister Ajaz has successfully settled matrimonial financial settlements involving assets worth millions of pounds/dollars situated in the UK, North America, Malaysia, Ghana and Pakistan. He is experienced in international mediation work involving financial settlements in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South East and Far East Asia. He can be directly instructed by any individual or an organisation without the assistance of any middle man or by a firm of solicitors or any other organisation authorised to instruct barristers in England & Wales.

Barrister Ajaz is frequently instructed by clients in London, South East England, other parts of England & Wales and Pakistan to resolve complex legal issues and to defend tax investigations by HMRC UK. He also takes instructions to resolve all Family Law, Business Law, Corporate & Commercial Law and Tax Law issues from existing and new clients based all over the World.

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